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Professional Recording Studio in Exeter, Visit our studio and start your journey for first class sound recording in the South West. For tracking, mixing, mastering, voice overs and filming services.

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Styles Recording Studio Exeter has set the foundation for great recordings. Combining a cool atmosphere, state of the art gear, and custom designed acoustically treated rooms we provide a great facility for producers, musicians, composers and actors.

Whether you are making your first recording using our recording studio, mastering your album, or completing voice over work for television or radio, our friendly recording studios nestled in Devons' beautiful countryside will release your creativity.

We also provide Studio Experiences for stag and hen parties where you can come in and record an all time favourite!

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Devon Band | Exeter Studio | Demo recording


If you’re a Devon band looking to record some tracks purely for ‘demo’ purposes then why not consider our Autumn demo deal;
You can book a 8 hour day Exeter studio with a sound engineer for £180 and you go away with a great mix of your songs on CD. All of our equipment is included within the price, the only additional charge is for our studio drum kit  which is well maintained and session ready at £30 per day.

reviews of our work  

Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons tracked vocals here at the studio recently. We used a Shure Sm7b mic through our SSL channel strip The natural power of Marcus's vocals came through our studio set up and he was really happy with his tracked vocals.


Give the studio a call to book a session.

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Mark Brown 

Studio Manager


Shure SM7b Microphone | Styles Recording Studio | Exeter | Devon

 Styles Recording Studio have just taken delivery from Shure a new Sm7b which is an incredibly versatile microphone and extremely good on vocals, as we found out when Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons arrived at our studio with his own Shure SM7 to track his vocals. Combine this microphone with a high quality pre amp and you have a killer combo.  

This is what Michael Ghegan from American Songwriter has to say about the Shure SM7b

Musicians, producers and engineers are always searching for the grail. The piece of gear that is built like a tank and performs better than you imagined, and doesn’t destroy your savings account. As a full-time session and touring musician who plays saxophone, keyboards and does backup singing, I have different needs for each situation. My sessions are very diverse – from big band horn arrangements to freestyle hip-hop flow, while my live performance encounters drastically different room acoustics, sound engineers and more. I was on the hunt for a great quality “all around” microphone that would handle the most extreme situations and still show me the love by making whatever I was recording sound natural. I’ve found that with the Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone.

You have no doubt heard this microphone time and time again. It truly is THE multipurpose microphone of choice, with everyone from broadcasters to Michael Jackson having used the SM7B. The flat, 50Hz-20kHz frequency response is designed to accommodate a wide variety of vocal applications, from spoken word to screaming rock vocals. Shure has played it smart by not messing with a good thing. Their latest update is only a minor change – an improved bracket design that offers greater stability on the mic stand. Out of the box, it comes with 2 windscreens. A thinner one is provided on the mic, which is well adapted for most vocal uses. Shure also provides a second, thicker windscreen designed for close proximity to protect against plosives and breath sounds.

I’m starting year two as saxophonist and vocalist for the Michael Jackson “Immortal” World Tour, which includes legendary members of MJ’s touring/recording bands. The SM7B is famously known for being Bruce Swedien’s vocal mic of choice on the legendary Thriller album. My friend and iconic MJ bassist Don Boyette suggested the SM7B, as he has one in his touring recording rig and was raving about it. He couldn’t have been more spot-on. This piece withstands all that is thrown its way. I tested it out with aggressive sax and trumpet runs and the SM7B did not distort on tape or in the mix. It also completely captured every subtle nuance of lead and backing vocals. The acoustic guitar, mic’d from 6 to 8 inches between the body and neck, was a beautiful buttery sound. I also like the ergonomic design of the SM7B, as I’m usually recording backstage in an arena or at my hotel room desk, not using a mic stand. I actually mount it on a foldable clarinet stand and it is the perfect height. Positioning is always key and with a little experimentation, anyone can get the sounds they are after with the SM7B.

The SM7B is able to handle a wide dynamic range of differences, from blaring full horn sections and an array of vocalists recording in both arenas and hotel rooms alike. It’s incredibly balanced, never distorts, built to last and requires low maintenance – just a few tweaks of the EQ and you’ll be on your way. This truly is a “secret” weapon that every performer should keep close.

Visit our studio and start your journey for first class sound recording in the South West. For tracking, mixing, mastering, voice overs and filming services.

Mark Brown Studio Manager 07778 295555

Marcus Mumford recorded at Styles Recording Studio in Exeter

Marcus Mumford lead singer of the band Mumford & Sons has recorded at Styles Recording Studio in Exeter. We always provide a relaxing and professional environment here at the studio whether you’re an up and coming artist or band trying to get your music out there to the world or as famous as Marcus Mumford we will always look after you and do a great job.

Recording Vocals

Surprisingly there are more than a few famous singers that have used inexpensive microphones to record vocals. Marcus used his Shure SM7 here at the studio, this microphone has been used on many Grammy Award winning recordings over the years..  Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to Sheryl Crow’s “The Globe Sessions” to name a few. We were so impressed with microphone after tracking Marcus's vocals we went ahead and bought one to add to our mic list and it's useful on more than just on vocals.

As stated from the Shure team " Not only is it warm and rich on vocals, it shines on just about anything you put in it on.  Guitar cabinets, Brass instruments, Leslie Low, Bass cabinet, and even as a Hi-hat mic"

Get in touch or visit our website for information on our pricing and our equipment list.                   Mark Brown Studio Manager    Tel  07778 295555

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