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Professional Recording Studio in Exeter, Visit our studio and start your journey for first class sound recording in the South West. For tracking, mixing, mastering, voice overs and filming services.

Tel: 07778 295555

Styles Recording Studio Exeter has set the foundation for great recordings. Combining a cool atmosphere, state of the art gear, and custom designed acoustically treated rooms we provide a great facility for producers, musicians, composers and actors.

Whether you are making your first recording using our recording studio, mastering your album, or completing voice over work for television or radio, our friendly recording studios nestled in Devons' beautiful countryside will release your creativity.

We also provide Studio Experiences for stag and hen parties where you can come in and record an all time favourite!

If you wish to contact us you can use our contact form, email or call:

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Styles Recording Studio
48 Queen Street

T: 07778 295555

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Recording Studio | filming Services Exeter

Styles Recording Studio Based in Exeter provid a wonderful, creative environment for all musicians and bands. Our filming and recording services have helped to promote talented singers like Luke to a new level.

Promotional Videos for musicians and Bands.                                                                                       Luke set-up the Michael Buble tribute around 2 years ago, having been singing Buble for 7 years. He finally decided it was time to pursue what he loved most. Since then, Luke has built a  great fan base and worked solidly on promoting myself on social media platforms and work tirelessly to perfect his act, working on all aspects of being the very best he can be. Luke is super busy, with a genuine passion for my music. Luke said "I have been in and out of various studios, in particular (Styles Recording Studio) in Exeter, recording and filming my top class promotional videos, i had a great time productively working at Mark Browns studio (Styles Recording Studio)......I am very excited to release the finished articles " 

Recording and Filming                                                                                                                           Video is one of the best ways to sell yourself and here we give you the total package. From prices starting as little as £399 for the studio session and filming with a two camera set up, it's a great way to promote your talents with a high quality visual and audio showreel. Please have a look at our studio filming showreel below for an idea of what we can do here at Styles Recording Studio.

Styles Recording Studio News | Monitor Set Up | Recording Studio Exeter

Styles Recording Studio  in Exeter have just set up some new monitor speakers from KrK in our control room and a three way monitor switch system from Hosa. We also have a pair of Dynaudio Bm6's as our main reference monitors with a single Aventone mix cube for mono grot box reference. To be able to switch between speakers all with matching output volume is a must with any set up like this.

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Music Video filming - Exeter - Styles Recording Studio

Styles Recording Studio create high quality recording studio videos. Whether you are an aspiring band or artist looking for a slick promotional video or  just looking to record for fun, we can sort you out. Video is one of the best ways to sell yourself  and here we give you the total package. 

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